Confidant RFID (European Mortise Lock Case)

Confidant RFID (European Mortise Lock Case)

The Confidant RFID for ESM mortise lock cases is uniquely designed to provide an effective solution for retrofit or new construction applications with or without replacing a property’s existing lock case and inside door hardware.

KATEGORİ : Otel Kilit Sistemleri
Stok Kodu : AFGDUVL8

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

Confidant RFID Kit 1 includes outside lock housing only
The Confidant RFID Kit 1 is a plug and play RFID upgrade solution with an outside lock housing only, compatible with third party mortise lock cases.


Confidant RFID Kit 2 includes outside and inside lock housings
The Confidant RFID Kit 2 is an upgrade to include the inside and outside lock housings while remaining compatible with existing or third party mortise lock cases.


Confidant RFID Kit 3 includes outside, inside lock housings and BMH 801 lock case
The Confidant Kit 3 offers a full package with a complete door hardware installation for existing or new construction properties.


The Confidant RFID is easy to use and works with ILCO and Saflok systems (including Messenger Lens). The lock is able to operate using the Kaba Mobile Key System and can be offered with one of the following options: Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatible, ready, or enabled.


Confidant RFID Kit 1, Kit 2 and Kit 3 for ESM Mortise lock case are not available in North America.