Axessor CIT - Electronic Safe Lock 82705

Axessor CIT - Electronic Safe Lock 82705

The One Time Combination lock Axessor CIT is characterized by its Interactive Code System (ICS).

KATEGORİ : Kasa Kilitleri
Stok Kodu : 9QWCYVWX

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

In ICS Mode the user registers at the lock with his personal ID. The ICS ensures on site presence and generates a temporary, person-related and situational specific One Time Question. Only after telephonic forwarding of this question to the dispatch centre and verification of the data, the user gets a One Time Code to open the lock from the dispatch centre. Every event is recorded to guarantee the maximum transparency.

  • EN 1300 B
  • VdS Class 2
  • UL Type 1
  • ECB?S