Argus HSG speed gates

Argus HSG speed gates

The units in the Argus product range consist of a sensor-controlled passage with automatic door elements in various versions. They provide for convenient contactless passage, even with bags or luggage. The doors close again immediately once the person has passed through, preventing unauthorised passage. Depending on the way the door leaves open, the HSB or the HSG production lines can be selected.

KATEGORİ : Geçiş Sistemleri
Stok Kodu : TZQSXFYS

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

HSG Sensor Gates

  • comfortable passage, even with bags or luggage
  • no contact with the door leaves
  • high throughput rate along with high level of personal safety
  • robust stainless steel body
  • modular system with basic and extension units for multi-passage installations
  • automatic sneak-by guard (note security level)
  • acoustic alarm when used without authorisation
  • child detection (note security level)