Kaba mechatronic cylinders

Kaba mechatronic cylinders

Kaba mechatronic cylinders bridge the gap between electronic access control and the world of mechanics. As part of the tried-and-tested Kaba evolo portfolio, they can be seamlessly integrated into existing mechanical master key systems

KATEGORİ : Elektronik Geçiş Sistemleri
Stok Kodu : WHJ3H4MH

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

The range includes versions with surface fixed housing and compact cylinder, as well as double, thumbturn and single cylinders, in which the electronic module is built into the door leaf.


  • A flexible access system: choose either complete or partial transfer from mechanics to electronics
  • A unique range: a broad and dynamic portfolio of design award-winning access components, with diverse solutions to meet the requirements of any application
  • A combination of mechanics and electronics: the Kaba smart key connects two technological worlds
  • Available in various profile versions, such as the Euro profile, Swiss round profile and Scandinavian oval
  • Available in black or white (surface fixed and compact cylinder versions)
  • Wireless function: With the Kaba wireless solution, the mechatronic cylinder is wirelessly linked to your access solution, enabling convenient programming from your desk.