SAT Secure Access Temporary

SAT Secure Access Temporary

You want to grant temporary access to a third person, but do not want to invest in an electronic access system? dormakaba has a solution that is simple, secure and economic: Kaba lock cylinder with service function.

KATEGORİ : Anahtar Sistemleri
Stok Kodu : 9QWCYVWX

Sosyal Medyada Paylaş:

Easy to use
When temporary access is to be granted, the owner simply retracts his key in the service position (8 o’clock). In this position the service key can open and lock the door lock from the outside and inside of the door. This keeps the door secure while the service person is on your premises. When the service person has completed his work, the door is securely locked again from the outside.


Access always under control
Whenever the outside keyway is in the vertical position (6 o’clock), the service key cannot unlock the door. If the door is locked by the service key from the inside, the proprietor key can still unlock the door from the outside in the 8 o’clock position. The owner has access at all times, even if the service key is in the lock cylinder on the inside. You can even determine which doors the service key can unlock inside your premises. Your dormakaba authorised partner will gladly help you find the best solution for your home.

  • Purely mechanical solution with proprietor and service key
  • Temporary access for cleaning and service personnel
  • No comprimises in physical security
  • Low investment cost
  • Little maintenance required